NFL: Everything Wrong With the 2020 Season

2020 NFL CoVid Season (By Budrul Chukrut via Getty Images)

Finally, the NFL is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, after being at the mercy of 2020. There were mixed emotions about the season, expectations were high for several teams, and questions arose for the future of various players, especially for a certain guy you might know.

Everyone’s attention has shifted to Super Bowl LV. Two careers will forever change in the Big Game. It’s a sign of relief, to bid farewell to the final remnants of 2020.

CoVid 19

Everything went south, at the discovery and seriousness of the new coronavirus; CoVid 19. It had earth shattering effects in every way possible.

As soon as the first CoVid 19 case in the NFL was confirmed, before the season started, it was a bad omen. Canceling the preseason was just the beginning.

Throughout the season over 20 players tested positive for CoVid and were added to CoVid reserve list. Amongst those notable players to miss games were Cam Newton (Patriots QB), Kendrick Bourne (49ers WR), Lamar Jackons (Ravens QB), Baker Mayfield (Browns QB), Kyle Van Noy (Dolphins LB), Josh Norman (Bills CB) and Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers QB).

Thankfully the NFL managed to avoid a much more serious outcome, worked out a reasonable rescheduling. 200 plus games are in the books, and only one remains.

Ref Ball

This is an ongoing issue, every single season. The people who are supposed to uphold the rules of the game, have built a reputation of doing the opposite.

Enemy of the people? (Via Getty Images)

In the Steelers’ Week 14 match against the Bills, rookie defensive tackle Henry Mondeaux allegedly committed a foul against Bills QB Josh Allen. The foul gave the Bills a first down, enroute to beating a faulty Pittsburgh team. In the same week, Bucs QB Tom Brady threw a Hail Mary to tight end Rob Gronkowski. Despite making minimal contact with Gronk, Vikings defenders were flagged for pass interference. A contributing factor in the Vikings loss.

Anger and pain escalated in the playoffs. The Cleveland Browns were on the verge of knocking over Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs, in the Divisional Round. An uncalled helmet-to-helmet, by the Chiefs in their own endzone, led to Browns WR Rashard Higgins fumbling the ball out of bounds through the end zone. Upon review…this resulted in a touchback. The Browns kept the game close, all the way to the end. But THAT call could have changed everything. Maybe, it could have been the Browns competing for the Lombardi.

A lot of “What ifs” from this hit. (Via

Ref Ball can steer history in the wrong direction, for teams, players, and the league itself. A perfectly officiated NFL season is merely wishful thinking.

Pittsburgh Tik Tok Dancers

Steelers star wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster has become notorious for his TikTok dances. It has garnered a lot of positive feedback from fans, along with backlash from others.

Smith-Schuster got plenty of heat on him, for his pregame dances on other team logos. A lot of people saw it as a sheer sign of disrespect for the organizations and the opponents themselves. Teammates like Chase Claypool joined in.

TikTok defined this young man’s 2020 career. (Via TikTok @juju)

In a professional setting, one is expected to act in accordance with the environment. Football is no different.

Maybe next year, the Steelers will resume operations as a football team, and not social media influencers.

The price to pay for the egotistical and unprofessional behavior came in the form a 48-37 defeat to the Browns. The Steelers were humiliated, by a team they grew accustomed to beating effortlessly, and one without a name.

Washington Football Team Name Change Controversy

Speaking of a team without a name, this particular team went from being offensive to nameless.

Redskins’ just doesn’t sit well, as a team name, especially in these times. Native Americans, tribal organizations, and civil rights organizations demanded a name change. As of 2020, the Washington Redskins died, to make room for a prime example of creative laziness; the Washington Football Team.

In all honesty, the counter arguments in defense of keeping the name were bland and without substance. The pressure was too much, for the outdated name, thus the nameless team was born.

Not giving the team an official name, before dropping the latter, shows the little consideration and priority was taken into this move. 

No Preseason

Once the Lombardi Trophy is lifted, and the Super Bowl broadcast ends, fans have no choice other than to sit and wait for the following season. Hype and excitement explodes, as a new season begins. What better way to do that other than through preseason games.

Draft picks get exposure, off-season rust falls off, and momentum is built. Because of CoVid, the preseason was skipped, and we awkwardly jumped into the 2020 Season.

Brady is Back

TB12 returns to the Big Game, without the Patriots. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Tom Brady, TB12, Tommy Terrific, the GOAT. This man has reached football immortality for accomplishing all of the things. New England’s favorite son is an NFL record holder in various categories, six-time Super Bowl champion, and four-time Super Bowl MVP. New England has every right to gloat, for the winning Brady has brought them. Fans outside of New England see differently.

A heartbreaker and thief, to every team he has beaten, whether through controversy, or Super Bowl upsets. The former Patriots quarterback had a noticeable decline last year, in which fans wondered as to what the future held for him: Does he stay in New England, or does find a new home?

No Brady magic or ref ball turned up, to save the Patriots’ shot at a fourth Super Bowl appearance, in their wildcard loss to the Tennessee Titans. Unshockingly to some, Brady left the team, and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He became a Florida man, starting the journal to retirement, it seemed. We were wrong.

Tom Brady adapted to his surroundings, and has guided Tampa to their first Super Bowl appearance in 18 years, and his tenth. While not the young stud of two decades ago, he’s still as lethal. Brady has returned to the Big Game, with the chance to make a statement and prove doubters wrong. Fans are not happy to admit it, but Tom Brady is not finished.

Will Brady transcend past football immortality, or will Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs become the new envy of the NFL?

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