WWE: Remembering Eddie Guerrero’s No Way Out 2004 WWE Championship Victory

Known for his unique antics to secure wins, uncanny charisma to rally up crowds, and unique lowrider entrances, ‘Latino Heat’ Eddie Guerrero was one of WWE’s most beloved superstars.

Early 2000 saw the debut of Eddie Guerrero. A turn to addiction cut his first WWE run short, by 2001. Come 2002, Guerrero returned, teaming with nephew and eventual WWE Tag Team Championship partner Chavo Guerrero, as Los Guerreros.

One of the most memorable moments of 2004. (Via WWE.com)

The culmination of overcoming personal demons, inside and outside of the ring concluded, at No Way Out 2004. Guerrero recently won number one contendership for Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship, via an over the top rope battle royale.

Lesnar was WWE’s most dominant champion in recent history. Going toe-to-toe against The Next Big Thing was intimidating as is, but beating him was on a whole different level.

Guerrero, with a heart of a fighter and avalanche of fan support, mustered everything necessary to knock off the champion. A wave of cheers from fans flooded the arena. Seeing the tears, from the Guerrero family, was a touching and surreal moment that cannot be replicated in any capacity.

Guerro’s unfortunate passing in late 2005 rattled the wrestling world, unlike anything else. Guerrero’s influence over the wrestling world is everlasting. Eddie Guerrero capturing the WWE Championship and hearts of fans worldwide, has stood the test of time, to be regarded as one of the greatest crowning moments in WWE history.

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