‘Legend vs. Future’ Brady vs Mahomes 2019 AFC Championship Rematch set for Super Bowl 55

The last time we saw these two, in the AFC, it was in a closely contested bout. Everything came down to the wire; OT. Tom Brady and his Patriots scrapped through, and went on to capture one more Lombardi, over the LA Rams, at Super Bowl 53.

Patrick Mahomes has the opportunity to further extend his young career to new levels. Just last year, Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs walked out victorious over the San Francisco 49ers, to capture his first (possibly not his last) Super Bowl win.

Via Twitter @Chiefs

Overcoming the man who out performed him two years ago. The defending Super Bowl champion and MVP will face a familiar opponent in the Big Game.

Brady steps foot once again, where he established his status as the GOAT. No longer sporting the New England Patriots uniform, Brady leads the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl, their first in nearly two decades.

(Via Twitter @Buccaneers)

Exceptions are set high, for the very best QBs in the NFL. Brady has the experience, faced every scenario, overcame odds, for six rings. Mahomes comes in with momentum, building his legacy, as the new face of the NFL. Besting the Buffalo Bills in this AFC Championship game, 38-24, Mahomes’ demonstrated what awaits the Bucs defense.

This is THE game, in which torch can be passed down. The groundwork is set for a perfect clash; ‘Legend vs. Future’.

What are your thoughts for ‘Brady vs. Mahomes’?

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