NFL: Browns’ Cinderella Story Over

The ambitions were sky high, following their upset victory over rivals Pittsburgh Steelers. And the Browns kept piecing together the ultimate comeback in Browns history. Chiefs’ back-up QB Chad Henne ended it all.

The least expected playoff participant nearly upset reigning Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs.

Baker Mayfield and his Browns fought valiantly for another major victory. It was a rocky start for Cleveland, and Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes kept getting the best of that defense.

Mayfield converted two crucial fourth down passes to keep their Super Bowl dreams alive. Jarvis Landry and Kareem Hunt found the end zone, for the Browns’ two touchdowns. Mayfield completed 23 of 37 passes, for 204 yards, against a very persistent Chiefs defense.

(Via Twitter @Browns)

The loss does not erase or overshadow what the Browns accomplished this year. Cleveland refused to stick the narrative and kept their season competitive, all the way to the end.

The story of the 2020 Browns ends, not in the way they wanted, but they exceeded expectations. If anything, Mayfield and co. should hold their heads up high, and be proud of what they became.

Hopefully, this is not a once-in-lifetime deal. Based on tonight’s game, don’t be surprised if they go the distance again. What is to be of the 2021 Browns?

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