WWE: Jeff Hardy Redemption Story

When people think of Jeff Hardy, they think of him as the ultimate high flyer and risk taker. He’s a man who’s gone through great lengths to win it all, no matter the cost.

The Charismatic Enigma has always had a tremendous amount of fan support. With the amount of energy he brought to the ring, everyone became attentive to what he might do next. We witnessed it, when he produced instant classics with CM Punk, Matt Hardy, Edge, Christian, and the Dudley Boyz.

Fan support grew to greater lengths, when  Jeff Hardy won the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships, between 2008 and 2009.

Jeff Hardy won the WWE Championship, at Armageddon from Edge. (via WWE.com)

History of Jeff Hardy’s redemption

To the fans, it’s no mystery that Hardy has a history of substance abuse, throughout his career. It’s a sad and unfortunate truth. On countless occasions, it’s seemed like his life turns around, for the best. The problems stop, and it becomes a moment of peace.

While it’s not addressed directly, you get a sense of it, whenever Hardy attempts another trip to the top; it’s a shot at redemption. The fans want this story to finally come to full circle, Hardy breaks free of his past for the perfect fairytale ending.

It’s essentially similar to Eddie Guerrero’s story of struggles. Guerrero eventually broke free and went on to become WWE Champion. Despite his passing, he is remembered as an all time great, for overcoming his demons, and accomplishing the impossible.

Hardy had a chance to cement himself as another individual who overcame his past, when he was in TNA. He played a key role in TNA’s head-to-head war with WWE, on Monday nights. But Hardy’s performance, while under the influence, threw him off course, at Victory Road 2011

Hardy did bounce back, to finish off his TNA career on a good note, in late 2017

The Hardy Boyz made a surprise return, at Wrestlemania 33, and won the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship. The following year, Hardy won his first United States Championship.

As of now, Hardy is in the middle of a controversial feud with Sheamus. WWE flirted with this story, during the ‘Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk’ feud, back in 2009. Since Hardy left, shortly after their Summerslam 2009 match, the story never progressed past that.

Jeff Hardy agreed to a urine test. (via WWE.com)

What do the fans want?

Apart from amazing matches, fans want to cheer for someone they can trust and support, at all times. We saw this in the rise of Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston.

With every step forward Hardy takes, his choices make him take two back. When given another chance, the cycle repeats itself. Age and injuries haven’t been nice to Hardy. What made Hardy a success is no longer at his disposal.

So, taking into consideration these factors, do fans want and trust Jeff Hardy to compete for another world championship?

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