WWE: Should Taker Retire at Survivor Series 2020?

“When will Undertaker retire?” is a question you’ve been asking for some time. His two Wrestlemania losses led us to believe he was hanging up the boots. Clearly that wasn’t the case.

Wrestlemania 30

There’s no argument to have, when it comes down to shocking Wrestlemania moments. Undertaker’s first loss tops them all. The expected routine of a back-and-forth battle, followed with a Tombstone Piledriver to end the night didn’t happen.

Brock Lesnar was vicious with his attacks; and Taker had no response, until he nailed the tombstone piledriver. A third F-5 sealed the deal for Lesnar.

Undertaker’s first and most shocking loss. (via WWE.com)

With the Streak broken, you’d probably assumed that Taker’s career was over. Maybe that’s where it should have ended.

Wrestlemania 33

After reclaiming two straight Wrestlemania wins, over Bray Wyatt and Shane McMahon, respectively; a career threatening match was bound to happen. Undertaker wanted a challenge, and Roman Reigns answered the call.

Despite not looking like the man to create instant classics anymore, Taker still put up a fight. Reigns was too much for the vet, as a third spear led to the decisive pinfall victory.

It was a very emotional moment. You knew deep down this was going to be the outcome. A much deserved standing ovation filled up arena. Taker left his iconic gear, symbolizing the end.

Undertaker’s iconic ring gear left behind. (via wwe.com)

Wrestlemania 34

For the Deadman, 2018 was a year of uncertainty. After being called out by John Cena, this time around, Undertaker returned to manhandle Cena for a quick victory.

It was far from a classic, but it’s fair to say that Taker was in far better condition, unlike his last two matches. Yet, it added fuel to the debate, on the continuation of the legend’s career.

Wrestlemania 36

Undertaker came back to action this year, as the American Badass, to face AJ Styles. An unfortunate occurrence changed the course of the event; turning this match into a cinematic version of a Buried Alive match; dubbed ‘Boneyard Match’. This approach hid the in-ring limitations of Taker, and kept an intimidating image.

It was a one-sided affair. Styles barely phased his opponent, before being buried under a ton of dirt.

Survivor Series Retirement?

Undertaker’s post-Wrestlemania 33 matches show us his willingness to keep fighting; whether alone, alongside, or against legends and younger talent.

Already damaging a Wrestlemania retirement match, what if at Survivor Series 2020, in his home state and originating PPV, he officially retires? Since there wasn’t a formal farewell for Undertaker. WWE has done their best, with their ‘The Last Ride’ Undertaker documentary series. It concluded with the Deadman confirming that he is done, but also leaving you with a cliffhanger.

If things go back to normal, at least by Survivor Series, that will be the right place to say goodbye to the fans, soak in the moment, and finish on his own terms.

How does that sound to you, Undertaker officially announcing his retirement at Survivor Series?

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