49ERS: Defensive Rookie Star Nick Bosa Will Shine in 2020?

After two consecutive disappointing seasons for the San Francisco 49ers, a lot was still expected out of the team, that has focused heavily on reconstruction. From the beginning of the 2019 season, we saw the results. The Niners defense was feared throughout the season. One of the players that made up the new elite defense is Nick Bosa.

Bosa was part of the 2019 NFL Draft, selected 2nd in the 1st Round. He didn’t take long to assert himself as the best defensive end this year. During the destruction of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Bosa recorded three tackles and one sack. Buccaneers’ quarterback Jameis Winston was Bosa’s first victim of the season.

Bosa’s best performance came in the Niners’ Week 8 beating of the Carolina Panthers. He recorded an additional three sacks, giving him NFC Defensive Player of the Week.

Nick Bosa showed no mercy. (via NBCSports.com)

At Super Bowl 54, Bosa also had a great showing, recording a strip sack over Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes. Even in defeat, Bosa was a shining star.

Niner Nation absolutely loves Bosa. A “Bosa!” chant roared through Levi Stadium, during the Niners’ Divisional Round victory over the Vikings

Fellow Niner, Alexander Kwon praised the talent that Bosa brings to the table, “I just think he was born like that”.

Nick Bosa finished his rookie year, winning NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. With a total of nine sacks and 47 tackles, including 16 for a loss, it’s fitting to anticipate higher numbers for the upcoming season.

“It’s just who I am,” Bosa said, earlier this season. “Um, I’m just happy. I’m super-happy, don’t get me wrong.”

As we near the 2020 NFL season, how much better will Bosa be this year?

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