Remembering Super Bowl 51

We all know the story. It’s an infamous day for the city of Atlanta. 28-3, a scoreline that will forever haunt the lives of those citizens. To this day, nothing has topped the biggest moment in Super Bowl history.

The 2016 Atlanta Falcons shocked the NFL, powering their way into the Playoffs. They cemented their status as Super Bowl contenders, after wiping the floor with the Green Bay Packers, for the NFC Championship. Matt Ryan and his team looked destined to win their first Lombardi. Ryan showcased dominating quarterbacking skills, in the first three quarters of the Super Bowl. With a 28-3 deathlock over Tom Brady’s New England Patriots, victory was theirs. Then came the Falcons’ first crucial mistake, they let their guard down.

With the precision of a sharpshooter, Brady dismantled the Falcons defense, in the 4th Quarter. 25 unanswered points were added to the scoreboard, and OT was forced. New England won the coin toss, while Atlanta was still processing the blown lead, and Brady was seamlessly ending the game. James White put the nail on the coffin, with a two-yard touchdown run.

‘28-3’ is now an immortalized meme, in the world of football. Future generations to come will know about this specific day. It is the perfect representation for choking and failure. Five years have passed, and the wounds are still fresh. The whole country, especially Boston, will never let the Falcons move on.

The City of Boston has spoken. Twitter @CityofBoston March 28, 2017

Speaking of which. Atlanta has not recovered from that loss. Between then and Super Bowl 55, Brady won two more rings, one with the Patriots and last year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the mix, the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs also won a ring each. Atlanta has been merely a spectator in the seasons that followed.

Now, Tom Brady has officially retired. Super Bowl 51 displayed his best game in Patriots gear. And the Falcons hold the dubious distinction of the most embarrassing loss to Brady in Super Bowl history.

Pre-mature celebration. Twitter @PickSixPod

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