La Liga: Why Messi Should Leave Barcelona By 2021

Possibly the best player to ever step foot on Camp Nou, Leo Messi has been Barcelona’s golden boy for a whole decade. A hero in the eyes of the city. With rumors dating as far back as 2017, it won’t be a surprise if Messi leaves Barca by 2021.

According to reports (Forbes, Goal, Insider, and others), Messi is fed up with the problems surrounding the club; leaks, the strange atmosphere in the dressing room, and above all the blame that falls on him, for anything that goes wrong.

In 2004, a young Leo Messi joined the Spanish giants, having no idea of the success that was going to follow.

Sadly, we have to acknowledge why it’s time to move on.

Barca needs younger talent

Messi turned 33 years old this June. As an athlete, he has already peaked. The worst that can happen to Barca is seeing a decline in his productivity and losing games due to this. There’s no doubt that Messi can still be an excellent leader and key player, but that can only go so far. 

23 year old Ousmane Dembele has the potential to take over the role as the main scorer. At his age, Dembele can hone his skills to fill in the gap Messi will leave. He debuted in 2017 and made an immediate impact in the team’s attack. By this time next year, he’ll have enough exposure to become a staple of the team’s offense.

Or picture this, Neymar returns. The Paris Saint Germain superstar left Barcelona in 2017, claiming that he didn’t want to live under Messi’s shadow. It’s quite understandable to see the situation from Neymar’s perspective. He’s a vicious forward who can cut through defenses with ease. With Messi carrying the weight as the guy who has to score game winners, that left Neymar to shine on a few occasions. Already having experience with Barcelona, he will have no problem readjusting to the team’s style of play and becoming the star of the team.

La Liga is too competitive

The rest of La Liga’s teams defenses are no slouches. At some point, Messi will face younger defenses that can outpace the vet. It’s only a matter of time before Messi fails to keep up with his fellow forwards to add pressure and create scoring opportunities. At the most, Messi has to play more as a poacher; finding open space and capitalizing on a pass to score. That can only work up to a certain point. Opponents will find a way to work around this.

Messi has done it all

First Ballon d’Oro winner. (via

Since Messi joined Barcelona, they have won ten La Liga titles, six Copas del Rey, and four UEFA Champions Leagues. To his name, he also holds a record six FIFA Ballon d’Ors.

Messi is a certified legend in all of Europe. All fans, even of rival clubs, want to have good memories of Messi’s dominance over UEFA. With near unbreakable league and club records, why stick around?

There are rumors that he might join English Premier League’s Manchester City. If Messi is truly aiming for a Barcelona exit, he minus come clean and state where he plans on going next.

Where do you think he’ll go?

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