WWE: Non-Wrestlemania Undertaker Matches You Should Watch

Finally, it just might be safe to say that The Undertaker has finally retired. For three decades, Undertaker dominated the ring, providing instant classics and other timeless moments.

There’s no reason to keep beating a dead horse and wonder WHEN Undertaker will return. Undertaker went out in the best way possible, despite the circumstances the world has been facing. There is no reason for another comeback.

You do have every reason to think of dream one-on-one matches for the Deadman. Other greats like Sting, Eddie Guerrero, Samoa Joe, and Daniel Bryan come to mind. Sometimes, it’s best not to dwell in what-ifs. Take a look outside of Wrestlemania to satisfy your hunger for other great Undertaker matches.

Undertaker vs. Batista: Survivor Series 2007

This whole rivalry started when Undertaker challenged Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 23. Taker walked out champion, and extended his undefeated streak to 15–0.

Weeks later, Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank Briefcase, and Taker wasn’t heard from again until the end of the year. Batista by this time was champion again, and Taker returned to challenge for the gold. Taker was unsuccessful at Cyber Sunday, so they upped the ante, by competing inside Hell in a Cell.

It was a hard hitting and jaw dropping bout between the two, and no one had an absolute advantage over the other.

Just was Taker was closing in on winning the gold, Edge made a surprise return, and incapacitated Taker. Batista took the opportunity to use the Batista Bomb and secure the win.

While the crowd favorite didn’t win, it played a crucial role in one of the most iconic Smackdown feuds.

Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy: Raw 2002

Undertaker praising Jeff Hardy’s efforts. (via WWE.com)

Here we have a rookie Jeff Hardy, stepping up to the well established veteran. Hardy was given the chance of a lifetime, competing for Undertaker’s WWE Undisputed Championship, in a ladder match.

In this environment, Hardy had the advantage. The young high flyer backed the champion against the corner, with a style unfamiliar to the Deadman. But the risk taking was effective for so long.

Once Undertaker got his hands on Hardy, he wasted no time in disposing of Hardy, before climbing the ladder to retain the title.

Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle: No Way Out 2006

After being away from the title scene for quite some time, Undertaker inserted himself as a contender for Kurt Angle’s World Heavyweight Championship in 2006.

Angle easily proved to be the most difficult champion for Undertaker to dethrone. Angle’s consist submission attempts kept wearing out his challenger, thus taking the power advantage away from Undertaker. Only Angle has come really close to making Undertaker tap out.

Angle barely managed to walk out champion, via rollup, countering Taker’s triangle choke.

2007 Royal Rumble

Other than WrestlemaniaRoyal Rumble is regarded as one of the most anticipated events of the year. The 2007 Royal Rumble match was the most star studded at that time, with multiple former world champions in the match.

Undertaker entered at #30 and wasted no time cleaning house. Once the biggest threats were out of the way, only Shawn Michaels remained.

Undertaker’s first ever Royal Rumble victory. (via WWE.com)

Undertaker and HBK duked it out for close to fifteen minutes. Fans were at the edge of their seats, soaking in what felt like a singles match.

Even with blood spewing and other damage done, Taker still managed to toss out HBK, for his first Royal Rumble victory. Also making history as the first #30 entrant to win the match.

Taker would go on to defeat Batista, for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 23, igniting their 2007 feud.

What is your favorite Undertaker match, outside of Wrestlemania?

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